"The Video Series That May Very Well Change The Niche Blogging World!"

From: Russell Carter

Subject: How To Create Niche Blogs From Your Desktop

Attention: All Niche Bloggers

What if you could create 100's of niche blogs and control them all with a free software program right from your desktop?

That would be pretty cool, huh?

And, what if you did not need to setup a mySQL database or need any special hosting needs?

That would be even cooler right?

YOU CAN! This video series will show you exactly how to do this and walk you through every step.

Watch this video for a quick overview:

Build The Blog From Your Desktop, Review There & Then Upload It!

All of the files are stored on your hard drive.
You setup the basic info, pick a template (over 25 are supplied), add your content and upload. It really is that simple.

I even show you how to add Adsense® code to a template! You can add affiliate banners or even the ClickBank® HopAd Builder if you prefer those instead.

For those who do not like the words "add to a template", you can always add your favorite advertiser via the built in editor.

Stop and think for just a moment...

If you are currently into niche blogging in any form, your sites are all separate and you have to login to different control panels to edit or post. This can be a real pain...

What if you could do all this right from your desktop using ONE software program that works with Windows, Mac OS X and Linux? You can!

All of your blogs/sites are controlled from one place; Your Desktop! You can edit and view them offline, This means that you can perfect them just the way you want and then upload. Plus, you will have a backup copy always available right on your desktop...

Introducing The Video Series...

You will be getting TEN videos, over ?? minutes of easy to follow instructions. The overview above is NOT counted as one of the videos! You get a "real" 10 videos. Here is a brief review of contents starting with video two:

Video Two:
Setting up the free software and configuring it correctly. We all know how setting up free products can be...

Video Three: We continue in this video setting up the configuration. Set it up right the first time!

Video Four:
This video will complete the configuration and setup. It is not hard, but doing it right will save you hours.

Video Five: Learn how to edit the templates. I show you the basics and this includes how to insert ads like Adsense®.

Video Six:
The template is setup and ready, so now we are going to get your first post online for the world to view.

Video Seven: Very cool feature: Post by sending a email! This means you can update your sites from anywhere at anytime.

Video Eight: Using custom tags. For example: One affiliate link changes or dies. Click a few buttons and replace on all sites!

Video Nine: This video covers the using of custom tags in depth. Learn how to use this powerful feature.

Video Ten: Another COOL feature: How to import RSS feeds. This is a excellent way to get free content from article directories.

Video Eleven: We cover using the built-in HTML editor and some of the advanced features you may need from time to time.

iPod Videos Also Included!

It is a fact that people are on the go these days. Many of them want to learn while "waiting".

Many others like to set their iPod's up beside the computer and follow along. This keeps from having to open, close and move windows around.

If you do not fit into one of the above categories now, chances are you will soon! The Mega Blog Creator will surely keep you busy for a long time:)

That Is Just About 90 Minutes Of Blogging Tutorials
In Adobe Flash, PLUS 90 Minutes In iPod Format!

Get your copy of this video series today and start niche blogging
from your desktop tomorrow, or maybe even in the next few hours!

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This is truly one of the fastest and easiest ways to create your blogs, and you can duplicate the process over and over again in any niches you choose!

Grab your copy and get started today!

To Your Success,

Russell Carter  

P.S. Transferrable Resell Rights are available for an additional $YOUR OTO PRICE after your initial purchase. You can sell Mega Blog Creator from your own website and keep 100% of the profits!

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[NO] Can claim original copyright

NOTE: We are stating these rights as they appear in the original license that we received. We're not sure what the difference is between "transferrable resell rights" and "master resell rights" but as long as you adhere to the terms listed above, you will be fine.