Could You Learn to Build A Huge List and Increase Your Profits With These 15 Amazing  List Building Products?...

   From: Russell Carter

Dear Friend,

I Maybe this sounds familiar to you - But if you are not  building your list and capturing your customers email address... then you are not making making money online PERIOD.

To profit online, you need a list... after all the "money is in the list"! But here is the problem. Most of us do not know how to build a profitable list.

To build a profitable list you need to know how to build squeeze pages and use One Time Offers. Then you need to know how to follow-up with your customers. Most marketers do know how to build profitable Squeeze pages and OTOs.

I Have A Solution...!

I have compiled an irresistible package of 15 outstanding list building products. I'm talking about listing building videos and tutorials... even if you are a newbie. Included in this package is an OTO guide as well as OTO Templates. And it does'nt stopt there. You also get squeeze page guides, templates and software to capture your visitor. Some of these products are "BRAND NEW" and was released within the last few days. 

But I am not going to give you a big sales pitch.

You can just go and see the value for yourself!                                                                                


Master Resell Rights or PLR 
To Fifteen Amazing Products!

You gain Master Resell Rights/PLR to the following 15 products so you can resell them and keep the 100% profits. All you have to upload everything to your server and you'll have Ten quality products to sell instantly.

Master Resell Rights #1:
(Brand New) Red Hot List Building
(Value: $27)


Master Resell Rights #2:
(Brand New) Super Opt-In List Secrets
(Value: $27)

Master Resell Rights #3:
List Building Tutorials for Newbies 
(Value: $27)

Master Resell Rights #4:
(New) Building Your Opt-In List
(Value: $27)

Master Resell and Rebranding Rights #5:
Squeeze Buzz
(Value: $27)

Master Resell Rights #6:
Squeeze Page Profit System
(Value: $47)

Master Resell Rights #7:
List Building Basic Videos
(Value: $27)

Master Resell Rights #8:
5 Video Squeeze Page Templates
(Value: $17)

Master Resell Rights #9:
4 Video Squeeze Page Templates
(Value: $17)

Master Resell Rights #10:
Build Me A 50,000 List Fast

(Value: $17)

Master Resell Rights #11:
50 OTO Templates
(Value: $47)

Master Resell Rights #12:
One Time Offers Uncovered
(Value: $17)


Master Resell Rights #13:
Liz Tomey's Ultimate List Building Course
(Value: $27)

Master Resell Rights #14:
(New) Followup Email Creator PRO
(Value: $27)

Master Resell Rights #15:
(New) Instant Affiliate Squeeze Page Machine
(Value: $17)

What An Amazing Package!

Now shall we be frank... You won't be able to find a similar package with such a tremendous value for my price elsewhere. It simply won't happen. I have included EVERYTHING that you need to start making a income online and presented them in this Extreme Bargain.

Just in case still do not see the value of this crazy blowout sale, then let's recap...

'A Quick Summary & Recap...'


Value ($)

Red Hot List Building
$ 27
Super Opt-in List Building Secrets $ 27
List Building Tutorials For Newbies $ 27
Building Your Opt-in List $ 27
Web Traffic Secrets  $ 17
Squeeze Buzz $ 27
Squeeze Page Profit System  $ 47
List Building Basic Videos  $ 17
5 Video Squeeze Page Templates   $ 27
4 Video Squeeze Page Templates   $ 27
Build Me a 50,000 List Fast $ 17
50 One Time Offer Templates $ 27
One Time Offers Uncovered $ 17
Ultimate List Builder's Course $ 17
Followup Email Creator Pro $ 27
Instant Affiliate Squeeze Page Machine $ 17
Grand Total:



So How Much Does This Cost?!

Now, the total value you see above reflects the true monetary value and most of the products are selling for the prices indicated, if not more.

So if I said I was going to charge $385 for this whole package, this would still be a steal because just the development of one piece of software would have taken you a few months of research and coding, coupled with a few hundred/thousand dollars of monetary investment at least.

But I am NOT going to charge you anywhere near that because won't even think of charging that price because you are going to get an Extreme Bargain  at a price we all can afford

Because it's not going to cost you anywhere near that!

Alright, It's NOT even $97... even though it's worth 5 times that amount.

At $47, this Extreme Bargain would be absolute steal and you are 
NOT going to pay that amount!.

But you are 
NOT even going to pay $27 for Extreme Bargain.

You get everything you see on this page for ONLY:




I Must Be Crazy For Doing This! There Must Be A Catch?...

Okay, I know when you see a deal like this... you are skeptical. I understand, we are only human.  So is there any catch at all?

"There Is NO Catch"

There is NO catch... just a damn good deal! No this is NOT a firesale where the price is being scheduled to go up gradually every few days.

The ONLY thing is that I am only going to sell 50 copies of this package. I need to preserve the value of these products so that you can profit also. So I can't afford to let this sale go on forever.

Once the 50 copies are sold, I will pull this offer. Then this Extreme Bargain will be GONE. 

So you need to pick up your package NOW before all 50 copies of this package is sold!

Our Guarantee/Refund Policy

Sorry folks, if you need a guarantee for an offer like this you better just hit the back button in your browser right now!

Your getting nearly 10 times the value these products for the price we are blowing this package out at. You get all the products, graphics, sales letters, resources and rights for a measly fraction of the package's value.

Even if there is one product you do not like, or you already have, that will not qualify you for a refund, as you are getting extreme value for your investment here...

This is a take it or leave it offer - if you're not too embarrassed to ask for a refund on an offer like this, then we're not too embarrassed to tell you there are no refunds.

Sorry to have to be so blunt but there are always one or two people that like to take advantage of an offer like this and then 2 minutes after they get it all downloaded ask for a refund.

While I know this is not how you are, we just feel that on an offer this good we don't need to offer a guarantee.

Once you click the buy button, that's it, you own it! No Refunds! Please DO NOT ORDER unless you are 100% sure you understand this...


'So, What Are You Waiting For!'

Stop procrastinating and click on the order button now before your competitors beat you to getting this out to others! Every minute you delay could amount to tens of dollars of potential lost sales!

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Russell Carter

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