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I am offering 50% to 75% Discounts on 9 of my best selling Mega Packages until Tuesday, April 18 at 12 Midnight (PST).

This isn't your regular sale where you get a few products!

 I'm talking about over 200 products... 95% of them with either Resell Rights or Private Label Rights so that you can resell and keep 100% of the profits.

Some of the packages even includes additional products than the ones listed!

You will find these products being sold all over the internet from $7 to $27 each.

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My Extreme Bargain Package #1:
8 Product Youtube - Video Toolkit (Including...)

CLAIMED NEW & UNRELEASED - Discover How To Dominate YouTube And Build MASSIVE Targeted Lists For FREE... By Using Desktop Software To Do ALL The Dirty Work!

Click Here To View 8 Product Video Toolkit V9.0

My Extreme Bargain Package #2:
127 Product Facebook Mega Pack (Including....)

Easy Step-By-Step Video Walk Through Of The Complete Facebook Marketing Strategy To Maximize Traffic, Leads & Sales While Avoiding Common Mistakes

10 Videos, 101 Minutes, Sales Funnel Pages etc. PRODUCT: Facebook Live Blueprint, 10 Videos, 65 Minutes

My Extreme Bargain Package #3:

30 Product Internet Marketing Toolkit  (Including...)

Whether you've started marketing on Facebook or not, this video course will show you all of the essentials for how to not only generate tons of traffic, but continue doing it with ease

5-Part Video eCourse, 16 Minutes, Audio Book, 2 Guru & 2 Mini Site Squeeze Pages + Learning Center etc.

My Extreme Bargain Package #4:
14 Product Instagram Toolkit (Including...)

Uncover the secrets to getting thousands of followers quickly, without paying a dime for them!

Find out how to set up your Instagram profile to attract the most followers without looking like a spammer!

My Extreme Bargain Package #5:
10 Product SnapChat Toolkit (Including...)

Find out how to grow your Snapchat following to epic numbers, AND get the most out of them!

Learn how to create the most effective Snaps and Stories that will bring you the most possible traffic!

My Extreme Bargain Package #6:
14 Product Video Toolkit (Including...)

This Quality Report Is PERFECT For Your Email List Building 

Find out the best secret tips for the most effective targeting for your ads! Discover the totally legal, but little-known method for literally stealing traffic from your competitors!

Click Here To View 16 Product Video Toolkit V9.0

My Extreme Bargain Package #7:
6 Internet Marketing Video Tutorials

Discover The Step-By-Step Guide On How To Prepare, Present, Host, And Execute a Successful Webinar! You Too Can Take Advantage of The Power of
Webinars To Connect, Engage And Sell Your Products

eBook, Checklist, Resource Cheat Sheet, Mindmap, Website, Lead Magnet & Optin Page, Swipes & 10 Articles

My Extreme Bargain Package #8:
17 Product Weight Loss Toolkit Mega Pack (Including....)


Discover The Step-By-Step System For Women To Lose Weight Safely & Effectively!

Training Guide, Cheat Sheet, Resources, Website, 5 Emails, Niche Keyword Research, 9 Social Media Images & 3 Workout Posters etc.

View All 17 Weight Loss Products Here

My Extreme Bargain Package #1:
SnapChat Success
Giveaway Rights

Uncover the secrets to creating extremely successful marketing campaigns on Snapchat!

Discover the secrets to getting tons of followers on Snapchat in no time flat!

What An Amazing Package!

Now shall we be frank... You won't be able to find a similar package with such a tremendous value for my price elsewhere. It simply won't happen.

So How Much Does This Cost?!

Now, the total value you see above reflects the true monetary value and most of the products are selling for the prices indicated, if not more.

So if I said I was going to charge $97 for this whole package, this would still be a steal because just the development of one package would have taken you a few months of research and coding, coupled with a few hundred/thousand dollars of monetary investment at least.

But I am NOT going to charge you anywhere near that because won't even think of charging that price because you are going to get an Extreme Bargain  at a price we all can afford

Because it's not going to cost you anywhere near that!

Allright, It's NOT even $97... even though it's worth twice that amount.

At $47, this Facebook Extreme Bargain would be absolute steal and you are 
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Okay, I know when you see a deal like this... you are skeptical. I understand, we are only human.  So is there any catch at all?

"There Is NO Catch"

There is NO catch... just a damn good deal

The ONLY thing is that I am only going to do is increase the price after the first 24 hours. Afterall, I need to preserve the value of these products so that you can profit also. So I can't afford to keep it at $12 forever.

Once 100 100 copies of this package are sold, I will pull this offer or simply increase the price even further to it's true market value. 

So you need to pick up your package NOW before 24 hours or before all 100 100 copies of this package is sold!            

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Easter Firesale 2017

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P.S. Make a decision quickly because the introductory price to the IM Firesale Package will end on 17 April 2017 at Midnite 


P.P.S. Just so you know, I'm a real person and I really do have multiple online businesses. Here is my information if you need it:

Russell Carter
4905 Baffin Bay Lane
Rockville, MD 20853

If you have any questions about the "IM Firesale Toolkit", call us from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM Eastern Standard Time, Monday through Friday, at: (301) 535 - 1632... or send us an email to affilliatebiz@aol.com.

Easter Firesale 2017

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