Explaindio 3.0 OTO #2

unlocks access to 200,000
+ Free 3D models & animations
 millions of paid ones.

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BONUS #1 - The Wild Coloring Book - PLR

Adult coloring books are more than just a fad -
they are a FRENZY! You get 29 photo-realistic
Wildlife designs

BONUS #2 - Pinterest Magic - Giveaway

Uncover the secrets to getting thousands of
followers quickly, without paying a dime for them!

Find out how to set up your Pinterest profile to
attract the most followers without looking like a

BONUS #3 - Premium Presentation Template V10 - USER

Tired Of Your Presentation Not Converting Or
Getting Attention?

Now You Can Create Your Own Stunningly
Professional Presentations (for your Clients too)
That Can Impress Audiences In Just Minutes!

No Designs Skills, Photoshop Or Expensive
Complicated Software Needed!

I'M NOT FINISHED YET... I Am Adding These Killer 3D Icon Resources:

BONUS #4 - 3D Web Display Maker V2 - User

With 3D Web Display Maker you can create killer
looking web displays for all your images, photos
and screen grabs just like the "coverflow" effect
on the iPhone.

This is a great way to show off your websites and
products to others. And the best part is, you can
create this nice look with just a few clicks using
the new 3D Web Display templates.

These templates are based on Photoshop "smart
objects" that do all of the hard work of creating
these 3D displays for you. All you have to do is
click a few buttons

GREAT Looking results but it does require you own
Adobe Photoshop CS4 or higher...

BONUS #5 - Easy 3D Icon Maker - User

You can create literally 1,000's of different
3D icons... each one in just a few clicks.

BONUS #6 - Easy Icon Maker 2 - USER License

With Easy Icon Maker 2 you can create awesome looking
3D logos, icons, text, and much more... all in just a
few minutes using a unique set of Photoshop actions and
layer styles.

BONUS #7 - Killer 3D Icon Maker - PLR

Create Killer iOS & Social Icons In Minutes!

 The first icon maker is for creating iOS icons
(for iPhone and iPad) and the second is for
creating social media icons

Both create amazing looking 3D icons in minutes,
using PSD smart templates (requires Photoshop CS4 or higher)
a combination of photo and video sharing

BONUS #8 - Ultimate Text Effects - PLR 

This PSD graphics bundle is all about creating
cool looking text for your design projects

It consists of 10 different modules of all kinds
of different text effects like: Premium Layer
Styles, Clean 3D Text Maker, Sticker Maker, Metal
Layer Styles, 3D Logo Maker, Sketch Text Maker,
Grungy Text Maker, Adaptive Styles, and more?

BONUS #9 - 3D Female Characters - RR

Wanna Make Your Presentation More Appealing? Then
You Need 3D Cutie Character with Real, Transparent
PNG, Vector Image and High Resolution

BONUS #10 - 3D Male Characters - RR

Wanna Make Your Presentation More Appealing? Then
You Need 3D Male Character with Real, Transparent
PNG, Vector Image and High Resolution with 3000
pixels x 3000 pixels

BONUS #11 - Power Gallery 3D - PLR

Power Gallery 3D Super Kit is a fully responsive
package that comes with a new mind-boggling 3D
slider "Matrix Gallery responsive 3D slider", a
fully responsive WordPress Theme "Dominate" &
awesome bonuses

I'M NOT FINISHED... You Get These Character Graphics Resources:

BONUS #12 -  Cartoon Mega Pack - PLR

Ready to use cartoon mega graphic collection is
perfect for logos, mascots, ecovers, videos,
presentations, postcards, business cards,
brochures, flyers and much more

BONUS #13 - 540+ Motion Mascots - Developer License

Discover the secrets to using images correctly in
order to drive tons of new visitors!

Make Highly Engaging, Profit-Generating Videos
With 540+ Copy-And-Paste Animated Characters

BONUS #14 - Motion Mascots Elite -  - Developer License

Grab 580+ Additional Animated Characters Making
Even More Highly Engaging, Profit-Generating

BONUS #15 - Big Bundle Of Mascot Cartoon Characters - User

A big bundle containing 20 sets of characters. All
of these characters were custom created by a
designer (didn't just find them on free or public
domain image sites) Hiring someone to create 20
sets of custom characters can cost you in the
hundreds or even thousands

BONUS #16 - 40 Whiteboard Mascot Character - User

Businessman & Businesswoman in .svg & .png that
you can use for your videos on VideoMakerFX ,
EasySketchPro, Explaindio etc.

BONUS #17 - 40 Color Mascot Character - User

Businessman & Businesswoman in .svg & .png that
you can use for your videos on VideoMakerFX,
EasySketchPro, Explaindio etc...

I'M NOT FINISHED YET... You Get MORE Awesome Animated Graphics Resources:

BONUS #18 - WOW Presentation with 7 Animated Themes- RR

How To Spice Up Your Presentation Instantly!
No Design. No Coding. 7 Animated Themes.
91 Unique Slides.

 You Can Use These For: Video Tutorials, Webinars,
Statistics Reports, Business Presentations,
Seminars & Conferences etc.

BONUS #19 - Entreprener Whiteboard Vector Graphics - PLR/RR

Grab 246 Royalty Free Entrepreneur Vector
Graphics - Smart Businessman, Smart Business
Woman & A Sexy Secretary - All In Many Poses.

BONUS #20 - Entreprener Vector Graphics PLUS - PLR

Grab 246 MORE Royalty Free Entrepreneur Vector Graphics
for Smart Businessman, Smart Business Woman &
A Sexy Secretary - All In Many Poses

 Incl. Includes PSD & AI

BONUS #21 - Vector Cartoon Graphics - PLR

Worth The Price of The Main Offer!

It's time to fire your designer and easily create
your own design and/or wow your clients with this
amazing collection

BONUS #22 - Premium Vector Characters Business Pack - PLR

This collection contains dozens of high quality
vector business character illustrations, in all
kinds of different poses and styles, and each one
comes with an extended license (you can use the
graphics multiple times on all domains YOU own).

BONUS #23 - 25 Male Business Premium Quality Vector Mascots - User

BONUS #24 - Animated Video Squeeze Pages - MRR

Effortlessly catapult your opt-in conversions by
400% or more!

Comes With Opt In Videos, Reports, Squeeze Pages,
Mobile Squeeze, PSDs & Bonuses!

BONUS #25 - Animated Graphics Package - PLR

Tired of the boring old graphic packs you can find
littered all around the internet? By now you
probably have hundreds of button graphics, and
thousands of icons. These are all great, but you
need to stand out with your graphics and it's now
possible with this huge all-new package.

I'M STILL NOT FINISHED YET... You Get These "Whiteboard Animations" Bonuses Too:

BONUS #26 - Whiteboard SVG Graphics - User

A big bundle containing 30 sets of SVGs. All of
these SVGs were custom created by several
different designers, (didn't just find them on
free or public domain image sites) Hiring someone
to create 30 sets of custom SVG graphics will cost
you in the thousands.

BONUS #27 - Super Simple Whiteboard Presentations - USER

The ridiculously easy methods for creating killer
whiteboard presentations with no experience necessary!

How to make the best and most effective whiteboard
presentations you've ever seen with these little
known tips and tricks!

BONUS #28 - Whiteboard Video Set V4 - USER
 aka Scribetoons Local Leads V4 / Local Scribe V4

Topics: Appliance Repair + Bankruptcy Attorney +
 HVAC Heat & Air + Personal Fitness Trainer + Tree
 Service + Vet Dental Care + DUI Insurance Help

 Bonus: Promo To Sell Your Service

BONUS #29 - Whiteboard Video Set - MRR

5 Topics:
- Computer Repair
- Local Leads
- Mechanic
- Plumber
- Tax Prep

BONUS #30 - Whiteboard Video Set V2 - User License

6 Topics:
- Air Conditioning-
- Dentist
- dwi Attorne
- Garage Door Repair
- Painter
- Pet Grooming

I'M STILL NOT FINISHED YET... You Get High Quality PHOTOSHOP Image Resources
To Enhance your Rich Media Image Projects:

BONUS #31 - 942 Photoshop Actions - MRR

Here's 942 (nine hundred forty two) Photoshop
Actions that should cover nearly everything
you'll ever need Photoshop to do for you and
it most likely includes actions you never
imagined possible!

BONUS #32 - 7 Photoshop Video Tutorials - MRR

7 Photoshop Video Tutorials

Videos Cover These Topics:
 Changing Hair Color
 Creating 3D Icons
 Enhancing Eye Color
 Removing Backgrounds From Images
 Removing Freckles
 Removing Red Eye
 Removing Wrinkles

BONUS #33 - PhotoShop Tutorials V.2 - PLR

Step By Step "How Tos"

I'M NOT FINISHED... These Video and Image Resources Will Help:

BONUS #34 -Video Multimedia Mastery - Giveaway

Find out how to use videos to attract Google
traffic AND traffic from other sources!

BONUS #35 - Snapchat Marketing Excellence - MRR

How To Become A Snapchat Marketing Expert, Build A
Following, And Get As Much Targeted Traffic As You

Training Guide, Cheat Sheet, Mindmap, Resources,
10 Articles, 5 Email Swipes, 10 High Quality
eCovers & Social Media Images etc. MRRDownload MRR
BONUS #36 - Snapchat Marketing Excellence ADV Video Course - MRR

Snapchat Marketing Excellence Video Course - How
Would You Like To Build A Following, Get Traffic,
And Make Money Even Faster With Snapchat?

10 Videos, 52 Minutes, Squeeze Page, Giveaway
Report, 5 Emails, Infographics, Affiliate Center

BONUS #37 - WP Image Plus - MRR

Easily Tap Into More Than 1,000,000
Copyright-Free, High-Quality Images Straight From
The Admin Area Of Your WordPress Blog ... So That
You'll Never Have To Worry About Paying For Images

Includes a Giveaway "Lite" Version For Lead
Generation Campaigns

BONUS #38 -Instagram Marketing 2.0 Made Easy - User

90% Of The World's Top Brands Are On Instagram.... Instagram Is
The Hidden Key To Generate Unlimited Targeted Traffic To Boost
Sales And Profits For Your Offers

Training Guide, Cheat Sheet, Mind Map & Top Resources Report

BONUS #39 - Instagram Marketing 2.0 Made Easy Video Tutorials - User

15 Videos, 91 Minutes, Transcripts & Audios

Instagram Marketing 2.0 "Biz In A Box" Is Brand New,
Up To Date & TOP Quality Exclusive Video Training

NOTE: This Bonus Package is Outstanding and is Worth
5 Times The Main Offer... it makes this a NO-BRAINER!


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