Are You Looking For A Way To Pull In Your Readers And Keep Them Reading All The Way To Your Order Button?  

Here's An Amazing Colletion Of 10 Top Shelf Ebooks With Resell Rights/Private Label Rights That Will Help You To IMMEDIATELY Write Effective Emails For Making Sale After Sale, Week After Week, Order After Order

From: Russell Carter

Dear Subscribers,

Have you ever wondered why your emails do not get people to opt in to your list or even make as many sales as you'd like to?

Are you looking for a way to pull your readers  in and keep them reading all the way to your order button?

The key to making money online is writing effective emails. Get this right and your will profit on the internet.

You will literally make people drool over their keyboards and scramble for their credit cards and give you their money.

Take a look at the gurus who keep making sale after sale after sale, week after week, order after order.  It's not that their product is the greatest  but it's what they "say" in their "sales copy" that makes the people buy.

You could have the best product in the world but if you can't effectively get people to read your emails - YOU are NOT going to make sales! PERIOD!...

The fact is - MOST people that market online DON'T write effective email copy.

Well, I have the answer...

Let me take you buy the hand and give you my 10 product Email Marketers' Toolkit that will show you how to craft a sales message like a pro!


You get products like Email Marketing Riches  and Email Writing Secrets.

Want email strategies for developing an effective newsletter?... it's all here in  Email Marketing 101.Learn how to develope a relationship with your readers in  Relationship Marketing with Emails.

...and where else are you going to find Followup Email Creator for free.

It's all here in my 
Email Marketers' Toolkit.


Everything comes with either Resell Rights or Private Label Rights so you even have the opportunity to sell these products seperately if you so wish.

You get these products for FREE and can sell them easily for $7 each... it's like creating money from scratch.

Or you can use them for yourself. The choice is yours!
Here's What You Will Receive:

BRAND NEW Product #1: Email Marketing For Newbies

5 Niche Themes

Email Marketing For Newbies

 Product #2: Renegade Direct Mail Secrets

5 Niche Themes

Direct Mail Secrets

 Product #3: Email Marketinig 101

5 Niche Themes

Email Marketing 101

 Product #4: Email Riches

5 Niche Themes

Email Marketing Riches

 Product #5: Email Marketing Secrets

5 Niche Themes

Email Writing Secrets

 Product #6: Relationship Marketing With Emails


Relationship Marketing With Emails

 Product #7: EMail Format Pro

5 Niche Themes

Email Formatt Pro

 Product #8: Follow-up Email Creator Pro

5 Niche Themes

Follow-Up Email Creator Pro

 Product #9: Email For Cash

5 Niche Themes

Email For Cash

NEW Product #10: Build Relationships Through Email Marketing

5 Niche Themes

Build Relationships Through Email Marketing

Russell Carter

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