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BONUSES Including 'The High Ticket Blueprint... a MUST HAVE! 



BONUS #1 - The High Ticket Blueprint

The High Ticket Blueprint is a 3-part step-by-step
module to generating ideas for your high ticket
products,  how to implement them, and start
pocketing in the big cash... while working less!

BONUS #2 - Amazon Affiliates Christmas - RR
BONUS #3 - Set Up Amazon Discount Store - PLR
BONUS #4 - Amazon Marketplace Master Class - User
BONUS #5 - Set Up Amazon Affiliate Sites Videos - MRR


NEW Software Store Clone Script With Amazon Integration + HUGE SOFTWARE Bonus Package!



BONUS #1 - Twitter Widget Generator - RR

This software generates a Twitter widget that you
can place on your site.

There are two color choices and you can add either
your followers or your friends to the widget as
well as their tweets... Incl. Video Tutorial

BONUS #2 - Clickbank Payment Page Generator - RR

This software creates a page that sets your cookie
without hitting the sales page

Now you can create your own sales pages for other
people's Clickbank products instead of using

This is handy when the copy sucks or they have
sales page/autoresponder leaks.

BONUS #3 - Credibility Grabber

aka Authority Hi-Jack Software. There's been a lot
of interest lately in a product called Trust
Jacker that lets you make links that show an
authority site but has YOUR popup subscription
form or CPA offer on it

One of the major issues people have had with Trust
Jacker (apart from the high price tag) is that it
REQUIRES Wordpress and not everyone uses it

THIS Software does the same popups but outputs
just a few small files ready for you to upload :-)

BONUS #4 - Kindle Book Maker - MRR

Kindle publishing is hot right now, and yet still
people have the hardest time following the
instructions and creating correctly formatted

Now you can cash-in on the Kindle craze by
offering your customers this Kindle Book Maker
Software that makes books of between 1 and 7

BONUS #5 - ISqueeze - MRR

Intelligent Squeeze Page software creates squeeze
pages that use a simple but PROVEN layout

Can detect if a user has previously entered their
details and if so can forward them direct to a
pitch page, etc.

BONUS #6 - EZ Exit Pop - RR

Software generates those fantastic lightbox exit
pop-ups. Unlike traditional pop-ups which are
hated by most web users and can even damage SEO
attempts, these are different...

When the user moves their mouse outside the main
browser window (as if to close or change address)
an attractive window appears in the browser. It
does not actually stop them leaving or changing
but it captures attention and often grabs you a
lead you would have lost otherwise

BONUS #7 - Slideout Generator - RR

This software generates a panel that can contain
any page within it. "Hidden" but when the visitor
clicks;  it opens sliding out from the right
covering most of the current page. They can click
on it to slide it back in... Incl. Video Tutorial

BONUS #8 - Mouse Hunter - MRR

This software creates a script that will let you
pick an image that you have uploaded and make it
follow the cursor around for a set amount of time
or for as long as the visitor is on your page

Good for both fun and branding... Incl. Video

BONUS #9 - Sticky Note Generator - RR

This software generates a sticky note that
displays in the middle of your page

There are many design options available in the
software so it's very flexible... Incl. Video

BONUS #10 - Advanced Meta Tag Generator - RR

Having proper meta tags is still an important part
of search engine optimization as well as
protecting your pages from being indexed

This software allows you to create the usual meta
tags plus many others... Includes a Video


BONUS #11 - Premium Content Optin Page Generator -

This software generates a password protected
download page and a squeeze page where you can
offer premium content in exchange for an optin.
This converts far better than the traditional way
of offering free products for an optin... Includes
a Video Tutorial

BONUS #12 - Download Page Creator - RR

Now You Can Easily Mirror The Look & Feel Of Your

BONUS #13 - Automated Adsense Site Generator - RR

Create a Custom Automated Adsense Site Quickly and

The site is complete with a home page that rotates
articles and RSS feeds, an images page that
rotates articles and images as well as image ads,
and a Privacy Policy page to assure you are in
compliance with Google's TOS.

Every time a person visits (or a search engine)
the content is rotated giving a fresh page. This
is great for search engines!... Comes with a Video

BONUS #14 - Iframe Generator - Giveaway Rights

Create a styles iframe and insert a "mini window"
anywhere with any content on your website.... Comes
with a Video Tutorial.

BONUS #15 - Audio Player Generator - RR

This software generates an audio player for your
website that has a cool interface and full
controls. This is great for placing background
music on your site.

However you can also use it to play your podcasts
or use to play website background music.  It even
remembers where the visitor was when they return
and picks up playback from there. Now that is
handy!... Comes with a Video Tutorial.

BONUS #16 - Twitterbot - MRR

This software will automatically schedule posts
from a text file, so you can relax whilst your
tweeting is put on autopilot.

BONUS #17 - MP3 Hunter - MRR

This is a very popular piece of software as it
give people a more secure way of finding and
downloading MP3 files to their computer with no

BONUS #18 - Your Own Link Cloaking Software - MRR

BONUS #19 - Email Encryptor - MRR

This Software Protects Your Email From Spam Bots.
ONLY human visitors can see and click on your
email address on your websites... Incl. Video

BONUS #20 - Site Notepad Maker - MRR

This software generates a private notepad script
for your website. Visitors can make private notes
on your site that only they can see. The notes are
stored on their hard drive so when they return
they can re-access their notes :-)

BONUS #21 - German/English Traveler Phrases
Software - PLR

Perfect alternative to expensive language learning
software! Over 130 common travel phrases
translated from English to German and German to

BONUS #22 - Spanish/English Traveler Phrases
Software - PLR

Perfect alternative to expensive language learning
software! Over 130 common travel phrases
translated from English to Spanish and Spanish to

BONUS #23 - Quick QR Software - MRR

Quick QR Software is for Windows XP and above but
I'm pretty sure MAC users with Parallels or WMware
can run it too.

BONUS #24 - Clickbank Cash Raider Software

Quickly build UNIQUE Clickbank product sites...

Clickbank Cash Raider creates a mini site with ten
articles, Clickbank ads, Adsense and Addthis. The
site also has a search engine which pulls results
from Clickbank inserting your affiliate links on
the way.

BONUS #25 - Facebook Shop Builder Software - MRR

This software supports both Amazon and Ebay. You
can either build a shop exclusively for Amazon or
Ebay and create a combined store with products
from both marketplace. In the combined store, you
can decide which one to come top - Amazon products
or Ebay products.

BONUS #26 - Instant Article Suite - MRR

Instant Article Suite Software Makes Your Content
Achieve 90% Up To 100% Uniqueness In A Few Clicks!

You WON'T have to worry about duplicate content
all the time when you are going to submit these
super articles to build backlinks.


BONUS #27 - 100 Software Creation Ideas - PLR

This ebook will give you 100 software creation
ideas. You'll get tons of ideas for computer
software, mobile/social networking apps, web site
scripts and blog plug ins.  You can use these
ideas to create new ones to sell or to buy or use
in your current business.

BONUS #28 - Easy Software Profits Source - MRR

Here's How Anyone Can Start, Build and Run their
Own Successful Software Empire Without Knowing the
First Thing About Programming, Scripting Or Any
'Coder' Stuff.



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