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BRANDNEW Product #1: Copywriting Conversion Secrets

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Secrets Of How To Boost Your Conversions From One Of Internet Marketing's HOTTEST Copywriters!!!"

BRAND NEW Product #2: Internet Copywriting Handbook

5 Niche Themes
The Difference. Offline Versus Online Copywriting

· Why The Top Web Copywriters Are That Way

· The Fine Art of Short and Sweet Copywriting

· What The Best Copywriters Know That You Don't

· How To Create Impulse Buying With Your Words

· Maximizing Your Copywriting Efforts With Ease

· How Certain Words Trigger Certain Actions!

BRAND NEW Product #3: My Digital Webmaster

5 Niche Themes
With "My Digital Webmaster" You'll Be Able To Create:
Unlimited number of webSites
Unlimited number of Rivetting Sales Letters
Unlimited number of Mini Sites
Unlimited Number Of Affiliate Web Pages
Easily Integradable to your online services!
Javascript or Buy Button Generators
ad lot more......

BRAND NEW Product #4: Relationship Marketing Newbies

5 Niche Themes Whether It's Writing Emails Or  Web Copy, These Highly Controversial Relationship Marketing Secrets Allow You To Instantly Connect To Your Readers And Persuade Them To Buy Your Products And Services

 Product #5: $1,000,000 Copywriting Secrets


Several Copy Writing Gurus Take You By The Hand and Show You How They Rack Up The Profits With Hypnotic Sales Copy.

Product #6: Killer Web Copy


You are only one sales letter away from wealth...

Discover How Even An Average Joe Can Crank Up Profit-Pulling Sales Copies ON THE FLY... & Turn Each Product Into Smoking Hot Sellers In The FASTEST Time Possible!

Don't Fancy Spending Another Few More Years In College Just To Find Out How To Write A Stupid Piece Of Letter? Read On To Discover How YOU Can Crank Out Your Very Own Selling Masterpiece In The Shortest Time Imaginable... And Stuff More Money Into Your Wallet!

 Product #7: Sales Letter Software

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If you are involved in The Business of Written Persuasion, then Use the Power of EVOLUTION to Write Real Sales Copy and Get Rich. It's Simply The Fastest, Easiest, And Smartest Tool For Copywriters!


Product #8: Michael Fortin's Brain Dump

"Marketing Prodigy Spills The Beans On All The Juicy Details Revealed To Him Over The Last 5 Months...
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Discover How to Instantly Generate Cash-Producing, Kick-Butt Sales Copy – All With a Few Simple Clicks of Your Mouse!

Product #11: Triple Your Conversions


You're About to Discover 28 Power Packed Secrets to Convert Visitors Into Buyers...and They Work Like Magic!

So what is it that separates the winners from the losers?

For your website to generate sales and profits, it needs to do just two things. It must draw traffic to the site and — most importantly — it must convert visitors into buyers.

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Discover With This Step By Step Guide How To Perfect The Art of Being A Good Salesman!

The Top Tactics To Conquer All Your Fears and Seal The Sale When Approaching Your Customer"

Are YOU The Ultimate Salesman?

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You're About to Discover How To Increase Your Conversion Rates And Your Profits  Significantly By Making Simple Changes To Your Web Copy.

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Are YOU Ready to Learn the Simple, yet Effective Techniques That Successful Web Copywriters Have Perfected?

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