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My Extreme Bargain Package #1:
WP Plugin Creator

Master Resell Rights

BRAND NEW.  Fill In A Few Blanks, Push A Button And Out Pops A Fully Functional Wordpress Plugin That You Can Sell As Your Own

Creates random phrase type plugins for Wordpress. These simple plugins add content to the end of posts such as "Thought of the day", "Inspirational quote", "Random Jokes", "Fortune Cookie", etc.

HAS 2 Graphics & Salesletter in DOC format

Regular Price: $17 

My Extreme Bargain Package #2:
Video Product                      Perfection

Master Resell Rights

BRAND NEW. See why video is crucial to your marketing efforts AND...
learn how to use video correctly

Regular Price: $9.97 

My Extreme Bargain Package #3:
Living With Android

Master Resell Rights

BRAND NEW.  Get All The Support And Guidance You Need To Finally Be A Success At Using Android!

In This Report, You Will Discover: Getting To Know Android Tablet, Syncing Android Tablet, Easy Communications With Android Tablet and much more

Regular Price: $9.97 

My Extreme Bargain Package #4:
FB Sharepoint

Master Resell Rights

BRAND NEW.  Dominate Facebook Using This Hot All-In-One Wordpress Plugin By Sharing Your Content On Facebook Directly From Your Own Website!

Create Viral Streams Of Free Traffic That Will Flood Your Site With Primed & Ready-To-Buy Customers on Autopilot!

Regular Price: $9.97 

My Extreme Bargain Package #5:
WP No Escape Plugin

Master Resell Rights

BRAND NEW.  Introducing "WP Escape Plugin"... New Plugin Allows You To Put An Exit Pop Up Anywhere On Your Wordpress Blog. Set The Exit Pop To Appear On The Page Or Post You Want!

Regular Price: $9.97 

My Extreme Bargain Package #6:
ezWP Rotator

Resell Rights

BRAND NEW.  Introducing "Wordpress Redirect Bot Plugin"... Redirect any link on your blog with point and click ease, and build backlinks at the same time!

Regular Price: $27 

My Extreme Bargain Package #7:
WP Redirect Bot

Personal Use Rights

BRAND NEW.  Introducing "Wordpress Redirect Bot Plugin"... Redirect any link on your blog with point and click ease, and build backlinks at the same time!

Regular Price: $10

My Extreme Bargain Package #8:
Niche Blogger IV

Private Label Rights

BRAND NEW. The Fourth set of 10 high quality, fully  monetized niche blogs with PLR...Niche Blogger IV at a DISCOUNT?

Regular Price: $19.97
Sale Price: $17

My Extreme Bargain Package #9:
Niche Blogger I
Private Label Rights

NEW.  Here's the Niche blogger package that started it all. The First set of 10 high quality, fully  monetized niche blogs with PLR... at a DISCOUNT price!

Regular Price: $19.97
Sale Price: $9.97

My Extreme Bargain Package #10:
**BRAND NEW - Bloggers Toolkit10.0

(10 Products)

BRAND NEW.  Here's One Package With 10 Blogging Resources And Tools... Everything You Will Ever Need To Immediatly Start Earning Money From Blogging

Included in the Blog Toolkit10.0 package is the BRAND NEW 'Create Your Own Micro Blog Network' videos that shows you step by step how to set up your own micro blogs.

Regular Price: $19.97
Holiday Sale Price: $9

My Extreme Bargain Package #11:
NEW - Wordpress Niche Review Sites

(5 Products)

 NEW. Here Is An Incredible Collection of 5 Wordpress Review Minisites Niche Packages That are Extremely  PROFITABLE

Regular Price: $17
Sale Price: $7

My Extreme Bargain Package #12:
NEW - Traffic Toolkit5.0
(13 Products)

BRAND NEW. Send Your Profits Through The Roof With The New Traffic Toolkit5.0 Package Of Eight (8)  Brand New Incredible Resources That Will Bring You More Traffic and Profits... And Lots Of It!

Regular Price: $17

My Extreme Bargain Package #13:
**BRAND NEW - Adsense Toolkit4.0

(17 Products)

NEW.  Here's One Package With 17 Resources And Tools... Everything You Will Ever Need To Immediatly Start Earning Money From Google Adsense!

Regular Price: $14.97
Holiday Sale Price: $7 

My Extreme Bargain Package #14:
Weight Loss Toolkit2.0
(5 Products)

 "Between 60% and 98% of American adults will be on a diet at some point during the Holidays and on into the New Year!"

The Weight Loss and Dieting niche is one of the HOTTEST and most PROFITABLE niches.

Don't you think you could profit if you had the latest information on weight loss... and PROFIT at the same time?

Regular Price: $17
Holiday Sale Price: $7

My Extreme Bargain Package #15:
BRAND NEW - Body Building Toolkit
(9 Products)

 NEW.  Did you know that the Weight Lifting and Body Building niche is one of the hottest and most profitable niches. With that said...

Don't you think you could profit if you had the latest content on Body Building?

Well you are in luck... It's all here in the Body Building Toolkit

Regular Price: $10
Holiday Sale Price: $5

My Extreme Bargain Package #16:
NEW - Health and Fitness Niche Pack 

(18 Products)

NEW.  Everyone wants to look their very best! It is only natural to want your body to be STRONG, TRIM and ATTRACTIVE!

That's why the Fitness Niche is one of the HOTTEST and most PROFITABLE niches on the internet.

So get your hands on the LATEST Fitness content on the market HERE!

Regular Price: $10
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You Also Get...

10 Amazing Products

WARNING: These Bonuses May Be Removed From This Page At Any Time

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Fast Action Bonus #1:

Twitter Widget Generator
  Master Resell Rights

(Value: $17)

"This software generates a Twitter widget that you can place on your site.

There are two color choices and you can add either your followers or your friends to the widget as well as their tweets!"

Incl. Video Tutorial

Fast Action Bonus #2:

25 Internet Marketing PLR Articles V4
  Private Label Rights

(Value: $17)

"FRESH To TARGET The Internet Marketing Niche!"

Salespage Included!

Fast Action Bonus #3:

The Next Social Network
  Master Resell Rights

(Value: $9)

"Discover An Untapped Social Network That Could Easily Be The Next Facebook!

It's about time you learn about a social network site that keeps your privacy and personal information truly private instead of having to worry about these same concerns on Twitter and Facebook!"

Fast Action Bonus #4:

Yahoo Answers Builds Business
  Private Label Rights

(Value: $7)

"Why Yahoo Answers? With over 20 million users in the USA alone and over a BILLION users worldwide, Yahoo Answers could be one of the best free traffic systems available today!"

Fast Action Bonus #5:

Second Income Opportunities
  Master Resell Rights

(Value: $7)

"Who Else Wants to Have Fun and Yet Earn Money at the Same Time?

Here is a Method that is Helping Many People Earn Their Second Income!"

Fast Action Bonus #6:

My Child Playground - Kid Friendly Browser
  Master Resell Rights

(Value: $17)

"This easy to use browser allows you to store your child's favorite websites and view those websites in a controlled and fun environment.
Simply browse to the websites you want your child to access and add them to the list. Use rules to allow entire domains or restrict access to a single page or directory.
Then switch to Kid Mode, a simple full screen browser with a custom homepage for your child!"

Fast Action Bonus #7:

C - Panel Tutorials 

 MRR and Giveaway License

(Value: $17)

"Discover How to Use cPanel To Maximize Your Online Profits and Avoid Being Ripped Off By Dishonest Online Freelancers! Watch Over My Shoulder as I Reveal The Secrets of Using cPanel With 20 Step-by-Step Video Tutorials!

Fast Action Bonus #8:

Make Easy Money On eBay 

 Private Label Rights

(Value: $17)

"Ebay does over $15 billion in sales annually. Armed with this powerful book you can grab a substantial piece of that pie. Selling on Ebay is a cakewalk ONCE YOU KNOW THE SECRET!"

Fast Action Bonus #9:

Twitter Marketing Bot 

 Private Label Rights

(Value: $17)

"Creates a Huge Following - Drives Hundreds of Targeted Visitors to any Webpage In Just Seconds!
Software and Video Tutorial Included

Fast Action Bonus #10:

10 Ways To Make $10,000 Online 

 Private Label Rights

(Value: $17)

"Inside this special report you'll discover simple fact's, tip's and proven strategies that will help you blow past the magical “six figures a year” milepost…and start making $10,000 a month online!"

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