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PRODUCT #1 - [JUST RELEASED] Create A Successful YouTube Channel - PLR

Thousands of people are making a full time income from YouTube!

Some have launched multimillion dollar careers thanks to the free
platform supplied by Google. See how you can set up a successful
YouTube channel.

BONUS #2 - [JUST RELEASED] How To Rank Your YouTube Videos - PLR

YouTube is one of the most visited sites on the
internet. It is so large in fact that many people
make a living just from posting videos on that
site. But if no one finds your videos you won't
have any success ...

 4-Part Video Series, 34 Minutes

BONUS #3 - Todd Gross Desktop Software Auto Video Creator - RR

Auto Video Creator is a GREAT
alternative for the millions of people
who can't afford to buy Camtasia.

BONUS #4 - [JUST RELEASED] Creating Video Products For Clickbank - MRR

Clickbank is an online retail outlet and an online
payment processor. The products featured on
Clickbank are digital products like e-books,
software, and videos. It is regarded by many as
the best place for people to buy or sell their
digital products

PRODUCT #5 - [JUST RELEASED] How To Create Stunning Videos - PLR

Video marketing is a surefire way to get targeted
traffic to your website.

Well almost... To attract the visitors to your site
your video needs to make them want to click.

4-Part Video Series,

BONUS #6 - Video Marketing Biz in a Box Monster - PLR

Slap YOUR Name onto this Hot High Quality “Video
Marketing Business in a Box” Monster with PLR,
Especially Designed to Make You Big Money Week
After Week on Autopilot Starting Today!

Includes Step by Step PLR Training. It has all the
sales material you need to start cashing in huge,
selling it as your own product within hours from

BONUS #7 - Video Marketing Master Class - PLR

Learn strategies to quickly and easily create and
upload online videos

BONUS #8 - [JUST RELEASED] Easy Covert Video Squeeze Maker - RR

 This Desktop Software Is "Fill-In-The-Blanks"
 Make A Video Squeeze Page With Lead Capture
 Form In 2 Minutes Flat.

BONUS #9 - Video Pro - MRR
Discover How To Use Video Marketing In Your Business
To Attract More Prospects & Sales.
Whatever your market is, video gives you more
opportunities to expand your brand by gaining
it visibility and establishing credibility
within your niche.

BONUS #10 - Micro Video Marketing - MRR

Discover the next big thing to come along that will
get a boatload of new subscribers and sales in just
6 seconds!

BONUS #11 - Understanding YouTube - PLR

Inside this 5 day crash course you will learn basic
information that will help you understand exactly
what YouTube is and how you can use it to watch,
share, discuss and even upload your own videos!

BONUS #12 - Video Sales Letter Crusher - PLR

In This Video Training You Will Discover...
 Where to get great presentation software
 A Cool place for DIRT CHEAP Voiceovers
 An 8 step blueprint for your sales video
 Player Choices from free to paid and the pros and cons
 How to "read the mind of the viewer"
BONUS #13 - WP Video Optin Wordpress Plugin PLR Upgrade - PLR

Create awesome video background optin pages for
your offers, services, newsletter and much more
with this cool WP plugin!

BONUS #14 - [JUST RELEASED] - Video List Builder - PLR

Discover How To Build HUGE Lists With Ad Swaps and
Solo Ads in 2014...  7-Part Video Series, 23 Minutes.

BONUS #15 - [JUST RELEASED] SnagIt To Create Marketing &
Tutorial Videos - PLR

Video Marketing and Video Tutorials have never
been more important than they are now!

 Let me show you how to break the cost barrier to
Camtasia and still create quality videos that you
can profit from

 4-Part Video Series, 44 Minutes

I'M STILL NOT FINISHED YET... You Get These Video Site Builders:

BONUS #16 - Pet Grooming Video Site Builder - MRR

This Software Creates Your Own Complete
Moneymaking Pet Grooming VIDEO Website Featuring
Adsense And Amazon Ads, Unique Web Pages,
SEO Solutions, Matching Niche Videos And
Much More ... Built Automatically In 2 Min Flat!

BONUS #17 - Personal Finance Video Site Builder - MRR

This Software Creates Your Own Complete
Moneymaking Personal Finance VIDEO Website Featuring
Adsense And Amazon Ads, Unique Web Pages,
SEO Solutions, Matching Niche Videos And
Much More ... Built Automatically In 2 Min Flat!

BONUS #18 - Dating Video Site Builder Software - MRR

This Software Creates Your Own Complete
Moneymaking Dating VIDEO Website Featuring
Adsense And Amazon Ads, Unique Web Pages,
SEO Solutions, Matching Niche Videos And
Much More ... Built Automatically In 2 Min Flat!

BONUS #19 - [JUST RELEASED] Golf Lessons Video Site Builder - MRR

This Software Creates Your Own Complete Moneymaking
Golf Lessons Video Website Featuring Adsense And
Amazon Ads, Unique Web Pages, SEO Solutions,
Matching Niche Videos And Much More ... Built
Automatically In 2 Minutes Flat.

BONUS #20 - Vitamins Video Site Builder - MRR

This Software Creates Your Own Complete
Moneymaking Vitamins VIDEO Website Featuring
Adsense And Amazon Ads, Unique Web Pages,
SEO Solutions, Matching Niche Videos And
Much More ... Built Automatically In 2 Min Flat!

Video Tutorials:

BONUS #21 - [JUST RELEASED]Run Android On Your Computer Videos - PLR/RR

This 3 Part Video Series Is All About How To
Run Android On Your Computer.

BONUS #22 -  [JUST RELEASED] How To Set Up A Sales Funnel - PLR

There is science behind selling products on the internet.
Find out what it is and send your sales into orbit!

 5-Part Video Series, 51 Minutes

BONUS #23 - Create Cloud Support on Your Desktop Videos - PLR

BONUS #24 - [JUST RELEASED] Get Your First Website Online Videos - PLR

Finally the problem that so many people that are beginning
on the Internet have struggled with has been solved!

Learn how you can easily get your first website online.
This video series is targeted to the beginner. No prior
knowledge is needed. Get your first website online today!

 4-Part Video Series, 49 Minutes

BONUS #25 - [JUST RELEASED] Website Using Responsive Design Videos - PLR

In this world of "Mobile First" design, it is
important that you are staying with or pulling
ahead of the trend. Creating a site with
responsive design makes it look great on any
device, and makes you look professional.

6-Part Video Series, 43 Minutes!

BONUS #26 - [JUST RELEASED] Set Up A Server Test Environment On Your Computer - PLR

Learn how you can use free software to set up an
exact replica of a web server on your own computer
and never worry about software update problems again

 4-Part Video Series, 49 Minutes

I'M STILL NOT FINISHED... MORE Awesome Video Tutorials From Plug-n-Play-Videos:

BONUS #27 - PlugnPlayVideos - 3 Blogs V1 - PLR
BONUS #28 - PlugnPlay Videos - 3 Videos V1 - PLR
BONUS #29 - PlugnPlayVideos - 3 Social Media V1 - PLR
BONUS #30 - PlugnPlayVideos - 3 Adsense V1 - PLR
BONUS #31 - PlugnPlayVideos - 3 Optin V1 - PLR
BONUS #32 - PlugnPlayVideos - 3 Adwords V2 - PLR
BONUS #33 - [JUST RELEASED] PlugnPlayVideos - 3 Niche V2 - PLR
BONUS #34 -[JUST RELEASED] PlugnPlayVideos - 3 Optin V2 - PLR
BONUS #35 - [JUST RELEASED] PlugnPlayVideos - 3 Income V2 - PLR

I'M STILL NOT FINISHED YET... You Get These Video Graphics Tools Also:

BONUS #36 - [JUST RELEASED] How To Use Paint.net - PLR 

How To:
- Set your image dimensions
- Shape your image
- Use layers to simplify your graphics creation process
- Create your own header graphics / banners
- Create your own buttons
- Use the functions to jazz up your graphics
- And Lots More

 6-Part Video Series, 47 Minutes

BONUS #37 - PowerPoint Toolkit - MRR

15 PowerPoint Presentation Templates Plus The
Matching A4 & A5 Flyers Making You Look PRO
When Doing Webinars, Video Series etc.

BONUS #38 - Video Marketing Graphics Pack - PLR

Make YOUR online videos look better and
stand out. There are lots of graphics packs
for websites and sales pages out there, but
VERY few graphics packs specifically for videos.

Incl: Powerpoint Sales Video Templates, Intro
Logo Stings, Powerpoint Backgrounds, Video
Player Skins and Video Thumbnails.

I'M NOT FINISHED YET... Graphic Resources for Add "Character Animations" To Your Videos:

BONUS #39 - Whiteboard Video Set - MRR

 5 Topics:
- Computer Repair
- Local Leads
- Mechanic,
- Plumber
- Tax Prep

- Easy Video Squeeze System - RR

In this video series, you'll have access to 6
content packed videos + one bonus video that will
show you how to start creating your own customized
video squeeze page templates. The video series was
created so that it doesn't matter if you are
scared of technology. If you follow this video
series step by step, then you should have no
problem at all.

BONUS #41 - Premium Vector Characters Business Pack - PLR

This collection contains dozens of high quality
vector business character illustrations, in all
kinds of different poses and styles, and each
one comes with an extended license (you can use
the graphics multiple times on all domains YOU own)

BONUS #42 - Vector Cartoon Graphics - PLR

Worth The Price of The Main Offer!

It's time to fire your designer and easily create
your own design and/or wow your clients with this
amazing collection

BONUS #43 - Female Charater Mascot - MRR

I'M NOT FINISHED YET... Put Music On You Videos With These Music and Audio Bonuses:

BONUS #44 - Royalty Free Music Collection V1 - PLR

Pack 1: Easy Listening and Electronic tracks

BONUS #45 - Royalty Free Music Collection V2 - PLR

Pack 2: Pop and Rock tracks

BONUS #46 - Royalty Free Music Collection V3 - PLR

Pack 3: Hip-Hop and International

BONUS #47 - Royalty Free Music Collection V4 - PLR

Pack 4: Corporate and Cinematic tracks

BONUS #48 - Royalty Free Music Explosion - MRR

These 25 audios vary in length, some of them
are about a minute in length, while others
can be up to three minutes long. The music
is from a variety of genres.

BONUS #49 - Create, Record And Edit Podcast Audio Files - PLR

Have you ever considered podcasting as a form of
content creation or newsletter distribution?

It's easier than you think!

Learn how to use free software and tools to create and
edit your podcasts and get them online

 4-Part Video Series, 44 Minutes

BONUS #50 - Audio Player Generator - RR

This software generates an audio player for your
website that has a cool interface and full
controls. This is great for placing background
music on your site.

However you can also use it to play your podcasts
or use to play website background music. It even
remembers where the visitor was when they return
and picks up playback from there. Now that is
handy! Comes with a Video Tutorial


BONUS #51 - Build Your Own Green Screen Video Set - MRR

Who Else Wants the Secrets That Will Pull Tons of
Unclaimed Money From Your Website by Splicing
These Simple But Dangerously Effective Video
Tactics Into their Business?

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