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From the desk of: Russell Carter
November 24, 2010 

Dear Fellow Marketer,

Are you looking for content for your website or blog so that you can drive those Christmas sales throught the roof?

Maybe you would like to spice up your Wordpress blog in time for the Christmas rush.  

Are you looking for brand new website graphics at an affordable price to put some extra sparkle into your website this Christmas?  

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Well you can STOP looking because you have just found the "mother load" of Christmas graphics, articles, templates etc...!  


The Christmas Extreme Bargain is 14 Christmas products with all the graphics, articles, templates, .jpg, .gif, and .png files for all your Christmas needs.

I'm talking about BRAND NEW Christmas packages like the Early Christmas Graphics Package, Santa's Red Sack, and the Christmas Wordpress Review Site.

That's not all... you also get 150 Meg Christmas Package, 10 Christmas Headers, or the Christmas Graphics and Templates Package.

Need content for your website or blog? It's all here in the Christmas PLR Package, or the 29 Christmas Articles Package.


Now don't think the Christmas Extreme Bargain is simply a graphics package because it's not.

Maybe you just want Christmas stories for the kids or just information about Christmas. You will find it all in Lil's Travels or American Christmas.

Expert Cake Decorating will show you how to have great looking holiday cakes! 

And 2 Easy Ways To Lose Weight Before Christmas will show you how to shed a few pounds from all thoses Thanksgiving cakes and pies!!

Or maybe you want to learn how to create a beautiful, unique, homemade Christmas with   "Incredible Memories" on a budget... then you need to take a look at A Berry Merry Christmas.

It's all here in my Christmas Extreme Bargain package!


Everything comes with either Resell Rights or Private Label Rights so that you can either sell these products as a package or seperately if you wish keep 100% of the profit!  .  

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O.K., Here's What You Get When Your Order TODAY!

14 Amazing Christmas Packages
When You Order TODAY!

Product #1:
(New) Early Christmas Graphics Pack
Master Resell Rights
(Value: $27)

Brand New Christmas Graphics Package

You Get:

5 Chirstmas Web Templates

10 Christmas Web Headers

Sales page

Included all graphics in .jpg and psd format

You can use them on your sites as well as sell them to make money.

Product #2:
(Brand New) Santa's Red Sack

Private Label Rights
(Value: $47)

Santa's Red Sack

Has it been a year of missed opportunities for you last Christmas? Were you too late in cashing in on the huge online revenue that was flooding the payment gateways?

You get Christmas Templates, Graphics, Articles, eBooks... Everything you need to make money leading up to Christmas Holidays!

Product #3:
(New) Christmas Review 
Wordpress Site

Resell Rights
(Value: $27)

Preloaded with five articles related to that particular niche market.  Simple to edit in case you need to make changes.
Wordpress Review Theme
HTML Review Theme
Blog Articles
Review Articles
Logo In PSD

Product #4:
(New) Christmas PLR Package

Private Label Rights
(Value: $27)

"A Great Christmas package... Get 50 Christmas PLR Articles and 35 Tales and Stories!"

Product #5:
(New) Christmas Graphics 
and Templates Package
Master Resell Rights

(Value: $27)

"This package includes five elegant and versatile Christmas templates with all the trimmings that are perfect for all of your holiday promotions and niche holiday sites.

5 Great Christmas Minisite designs Holiday sales page graphics & graphical headlines

Product #6:
(New) 150 Meg Christmas Package
Users Rights

(Value: $27)

"MASSIVE Christmas Graphics Collection That Should Should Cover YOUR Needs until 2012... This Package Is Easily Worth The Price Of This Whole Package!"

Product #7:
(New) 29 Christmas Articles
Private Label Rights
(Value: $17)

"Increase Tou Christmas Profits!... Use These 29 Christmas Articles As Content On You Blog, In You Autoresponder or Pretty Much Any Way You Want To. These Are Great For Driving Traffic To Your Chrismas Websites!"

Product #8:
(New) Christmas Graphics

Master Resell Rights
(Value: $27)

"Put Some Extra Sparkle on Your Website this Christmas with this Brand New Pack of Christmas Themed Website Graphics And Templates!"

Product #9:
(New) 2 Easy Ways To Lose Weight Before Christmas
Master Resell Rights

(Value: $17)

"Losing weight can be a tough battle, and it definitely takes patience and time. If you've tried the many different diets out there, you know how frustrating it can be to wait and see real results!"

Product #10:
(New) Expert Cake Decorating
Master Resell Rights

(Value: $17)

"Want Great Cakes For The Christmas Holidays?... Then To Learn The Tips and Tricks To Become An Expert Cake Decorator In Double Quick Time & Put All The Frustration Behind You With My In-depth Handbook!"

Product #11:
(New) A Berry Merry Christmas
Master Resell Rights

(Value: $17)

"Learn How To Create A Beautiful, Unique, Homemade Christmas - With All The Bells & Whistles and Incredible Memories On Your "Current Economics" Budget??

You May Be Thinking That This Is The Impossible Dream... But You Can Have A Glistening, Remarkable, Full Of BeautyHoliday Season, For FAR LESS Than You Imagine!"

Product #12:
(New) Holiday Gift Giving
Master Resell Rights

(Value: $17)

"Take The Hassle Out Of Choosing The Perfect Holiday Gift!

The holidays are closing in fast. Why not take the hassle out of choosing greats gifts for all of the special people on your list this year?!"


Fast Action Bonus #13:
(New) Lil's Travels
Master Resell Rights

(Value: $17)

 "Do You Remember Christmas Magic?
 Of Course You Do! Now You Can Give Magic To YOUR Kids!

 Laugh With Your Children When You Learn Just WHERE
Those Dollies And Choo-Choo Trains Really Come From!
ing greats gifts for all of the special people on your list this year?"

Product #14:
(New) American Christmas
Private Label Rights
(Value: $17)

"Discover Where All Our Most Cherished Christmas Traditions Originated From. . .

Where The Holiday We Celebrate In America Started At. . .

And, Why Those Answers May Not Be What You Think!"


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Russell Carter

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Our Guarantee/Refund Policy

Sorry folks, if you need a guarantee for an offer like this you better just hit the back button in your browser right now!

Your getting nearly 10 times the value of these products for the price we are blowing this package out at. You get all the products, graphics, sales letters, resources and rights for a measly fraction of the package's value.

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This is a take it or leave it offer - if you're not too embarrassed to ask for a refund on an offer like this, then we're not too embarrassed to tell you there are no refunds.

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While I know this is not how you are, we just feel that on an offer this good we don't need to offer a guarantee.

Once you click the buy button, that's it, you own it! No Refunds! Please DO NOT ORDER unless you are 100% sure you understand this...


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