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Do you dread creating content for your blog?

Does blogging seem like more of a laborious chore than you ever imagined it would be?

Would you like an easy way to fill up your blog with content on auto-pilot that you don't even have to write?

Maybe you'd like a tool that could automate and post all of your content on a schedule that YOU choose!

You're about to discover a very powerful and brand new breakthrough in blogging technology that can do just that!

From: Russell Carter
Sunday 12:06 AM

Dear Friend,  

By making your way to this web page, I can accurately say that you've probably done at least a little blogging yourself or at the very minimum have been planning to start a blog.

Blogging is an awesome way to generate traffic, subscribers and customers that you can follow up with for a lifetime of profit.

A good blog creates tons of free traffic that you can send to any affiliate link, web site or sales page that you want.

Many marketers are coming to the realization that a blog can actually be more effective than having an e-mail list!

This is because of all of the cool "subscribe" and syndication features that are now available for a blog.

The one thing that most of us realize is that creating content for a blog can be a whole lot of work which is why we use...

Modified PLR, Outsourced & Borrowed Content...

It's no secret that many blog owners use other people's content to create blogs jammed with info rich content.

This has become somewhat of a necessity with the introduction of so many successful blogs hitting the market on a daily basis.

Most of these big named blogs have guest authors that regularly contribute to the site so that the blog owner has to contribute very little, or no content at all!

Having guest writers is a great idea but the harsh reality is that you can't find them unless you pay them a fortune or have an already highly trafficked and profitable blog they can plug into to get traffic to their sites.

The solution for people like you and I is to use content that we get from alternate sources.

These sources can be article sites or blog content sites that offer tons of content that can be published under your name. I highly recommend for this.

You can also use articles from article directories and publish them with the authors name as a kind of "non-exclusive" guest appearance. The best one which is a great place to share for anyone is

These options provide you with tons of content and if done "right" can actually provide you with a lifetime of content you don't have to write.

If you do nothing but use the information I just shared with you on your own blog, you will be in the clear for creating content for a long time.

But there is something you may NOT be aware of yet...

"Using Borrowed Content Still Takes Tons Of Time & Effort!"  

Using the tricks I just shared with you for getting tons of content are awesome ideas that can literally solve your content problems forever.

Unfortunately, there are some underlying problems that you may not be aware of that pop up once you start using the types of content I just mentioned.

One is that it still takes a ton of time to get an article, login to Word Press, paste in the title and the body, select a category, select a publishing time, etc.

All of these little things added up and multiplied by hundreds of articles or blog posts ends up being dozens, upon dozens of hours and if you have more than one blog, you could be talking in the hundreds of hours or more!

Most people just starting a blog don't realize this until they start working on their blogs and then realize that they are still required to do a lot of work to get those blog posts up.

Worst of all, you have to do this all the time to keep your blog up to date and keep your blog fresh with the search engines.

So what can you do to solve that problem?

Well, unfortunately, there is no "process" that will help make this work go away for you but all hope isn't lost!

What if I told you that there was a solution that eliminated ALL of the tasks above that I just mentioned?

What if I further told you that this solution also posted the content to your blog automatically for years (if that's what you want) while you sleep, hang out or vacation?

Would you be interested?

Most people would be which is why I'm so excited to announce the release of...

Auto Blog Feeder - The Ultimate Blog Automator!

Remove Yourself From The Blog Maintenance Equation!

bullet Plug In & Use Simplicity When It Comes To Auto Feed Implementation On Your Word Press Blog!
bullet Eliminate 99.7% Of The Work You Do Posting Content On Your Blog!
bullet Automate Your Blog Posting For Years In Just A Few Clicks!
bullet Upload Text Files, Click A Few Buttons And Walk Away. Yes, Really!
bullet Absolutely The Easiest Piece Of Software You've Ever Used For Word Press Period!

Auto Blog Feeder Is A Complete Solution...

Adding Content To Your Blog Can Be A Big Time Consumer Without The Right Tools In Your Overall Plan In Internet Marketing

Auto Blog Feeder is the ultimate tool for automating your blog posting activities forever!

It doesn't matter what kind of content that you have, Auto Blog Feeder will take care of it!

The best part is that all you have to do is upload your content as text files to a folder on your web site and Auto Blog Feeder will detect it all automatically for use in Word Press and do all of the hard work posting on any schedule you choose all with 3 simple clicks of your mouse!

You truly have to see this thing in action to believe it!

Dear Your Name Here,

Auto Blog Feeder opened up my eyes to a whole new world of free traffic generation.

Thanks for opening the doors to your business and sharing this with me!


Allen Potash
Vancouver, British Columbia

This Almost Sounds Too Good To Be True, Is Auto Blog Feeder Really 3 Click Simple? And Will It Really Auto Load My Blog For Years To Come?

Now, I know that you may have this question running around in your head so I wanted to address it right out of the gate...

There's no doubt that anyone can make money with the Auto Blog Feeder Software.

It's so easy that a grade school student could understand it and even if you're a total "newbie", this will be totally within your reach of understanding and application.

Listen, when I said that this is the information right out of my personal playbook during the last few years of successful search engine optimization, I meant it.

And I'm not a "techie" type of person.

I don't know how to make a hit movie, setup complicated software on websites or do any kind of graphic design.  What I do know is how to get things done fast, automated, and in a way that makes money.

What's Included In Auto Blog Feeder?

Here's just some of what you'll be getting in the system...


No Tech Installation - You have never seen a web based product that installs as easy as this one does. In fact, even if you've never installed a script, you can install this to your Word Press blog.


Upload Text Files Simple - All you have to do to load content that is going to be published to your blog is upload text files with the content, articles or blog posts that you want published!


5 Second Use - Setting up content to be published at specific intervals for as long as you want and choosing the category takes literally seconds with this system even it it's 2,000 future blog posts!


Complete Automation For As Long As You Want - You can setup automation that allows you to set and forget your blog for as long as you want. I'm talking about setting your blog up for 5 years or more in advance if you want to!


Solid As Steel Operation - This application was coded with rock solid, streamlined code so that there isn't a bunch of crazy, out of whack files that make it run slow or clunky! It's rock solid and will withstand a beating!


Integration With The Best - This awesome tool integrates perfectly with your new and shiny Word Press 2.7 blogs in just a quick snap and pop installation!

You Have To Be Crazy To Manually Post To Your Blog Even One More Day, With My Incredible New Auto Blog Feeder System Now Available!

I don't need to make another laundry list of features here to make you understand the value of the Auto Blog Feeder software.

After all, what is a completely automated content filled blog that runs on pure auto pilot worth to you?

What would you do with your time and life if you had enough money coming from the biggest blog in your niche to eliminate all worry about financial security & your future?

Can you really put a price on that?

I don't think so.

And before you think that I'm trying to lead up to a ridiculously high price, let me stop you.

All B.S. aside, this software works and I know it will work for you.  I want to see you succeed and I will personally be there for you via e-mail if you need help.

I also want you to be able to afford the system that I'm going to share with you so I'm going to let you grab the software with Master Resell Rights for a measly $9.97 bucks.

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In an attempt to sweeten the deal even more for you, I'm also going to add the following five hot bonuses to your order at no charge if you try my system right now...

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Wordpress Design Tutorials
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"The Exclusive WordPress Video Tutorials Shows How To Design and Build Wordpress Blogs!"


Full MASTER Resell Rights

The Power Series - 12 Wordpress Themes
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"The Exclusive WordPress Power Theme Collection contains 12 professionally designed WordPress Themes guaranteed to make your blog stand out from the crowd!"

Private Label Rights Tips by Jeremy Burns

Master Resell Rights -
Create A Wordpress Membership Site

Value $27.00

A four part video series that takes you through the whole thing - step by step - and I have included the crucial (free) plugin that will turn your Wordpress Blog into a membership site. There is nothing further to purchase!


Additional - Bonus:

Full MASTER Resell Rights

250 Wordpress Plugins -

The new 250 Top Free Wordpress Plugins
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 "An Amazing Collection Of 250+ Hand-Picked, Profit Oozing, Easy To Implement, Web 2.0 Compliant, Free Wordpress Plugins To Skyrocket Your Wordpress Profits Up Above The Eiffel Towers In Paris!


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Wordpress Padlock PRP
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A "Former" Network/Security Engineer Releases The Hottest Tips and Software To "Secure" Your Wordpress BLOGS!

Shows How To "SECURE" and "OPTIMIZE" Your Wordpress BLOG BEFORE a Catastrophe Happens!

You Immediately Get "High-Def" Video's, Plugins, and Software that will "LOCK" down your Wordpress BLOG!


Go ahead and grab the software for the cost of a supreme pizza and start on your own road to financial freedom!

My Personal 100% Satisfaction Guarantee To You...

Listen, if you don't agree that this it the most valuable resource for making money that you've ever used, simply email me and I'll issue you a 100% refund on the spot..  No hard feelings and no questions asked.

In fact, I'll extend this guarantee for an entire 12 months after you get everything!

That's right, 365 days to use and profit from these incredible secrets and information, if you do not feel the "Auto Blog Feeder " has earned you money from your blog, then I insist you ask for (and receive) an immediate refund.

And if you decide to opt for a refund I still want you to keep the 5 bonuses as my free gift just for giving this a shot.

There is absolutely no risk, whatsoever on your part. The burden to deliver is entirely on me.

But if you don't like my course for any reason, any reason whatsoever such as you can't use Auto Blog Feeder Writer or these techniques are just not making you the kind of money that you thought it would, - then a refund is yours after using the product for 90 days.

I am that sure- that when you see how powerful a money maker this course is, you will not even think of wanting a refund!

It's easy to get started right away. Just click the order link below. Click here to order with Master Resell Rights for instant digital delivery right now for only $9.97 (even if it’s 3:00 in the morning, you can download this software package now).

Yes Russell, I Just Have To Have This Incredible Package! Count Me In Right Now!

It Is Easy To Order Below...

Order the Auto Blog Feeder With Master Resell Rights
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Important: Auto Blog Feeder requires you to have a copy of WordPress 2.7 Installed On Your Blog.  It has been tested to work with other versions of WordPress but it was created for WP 2.7


Order Now! First 50 5 Orders Get 'Full Master Resell Rights'
and 5 Incredible Bonuses!

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You are minutes away from being able to have the profits rolling in from your successful online business. Our software will reveal the secrets that dramatically boost your profits.  

Don't you owe it to yourself to try The Auto Blog Feeder  today?


P.S. You will be so glad you can finally stop trying to get your business on the path to success the hard way. Don't spend weeks trying to "figure it out" let us show you the way!

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I have to say that the system you reveal in Auto Blog Feeder is the best I've ever read

This week, I got 400+ new visitors without paying a cent for them!

Susan Nash,
Lakewood, CA



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