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From: Russell Carter

Dear Friend,

How would you like to finally make Real Money online with affiliate programs and propel yourself into an elite class of affiliate masters while leaving 99% of your competitors in the dust!

 Well... here  is an incredible opportunity to grab 13 excellent Affiliate marketing eBooks and Software products all in one amazing package.

Featured in this package is the Instant Affiliate Squeeze Page Machine  and the  Promo Generator.

You get 
The Authors Library  so that you can start your own Clickbank store.

But that's not all... you also get New MUST HAVE ... Clickbank Lock PRO to automate your Clickbank Thank-you page.

Do you have more than one clickbank item you need to sell... then let the Clickbank Multi-Item Manager handle it.

This package has every tool you need to be successful with Clickbank and affiliate marketing!


Everything comes with either Resell Rights or Private Label Rights so you even have the opportunity to sell these products seperately if you so wish.
 Here's What You Will Receive: 

Product #1: Instant Affilliate Squeeze Page Machine

Instant Affiliate Squeeze Page Machine...IN 2 MINUTES You Can Create A Squeeze Page Echoing The Killer Headline, Sales Copy & Ecover From The Sales Site That You Are Promoting

$27 Value

Product #2: Promo Page Generator

BRAND NEW! Instantly Give Your Affiliates Everything They Need To Promote Your Product & See Your Sales Go Through The Roof - This brand new script allows you to create professional promo tools pages fast and easy.

And maybe the best part about it is that you don't need to know anything about HTML or PHP - If you can copy & paste, you can present your affiliates a fully featured promo tools page in less than 10 minutes.


$27 Value

Product #3: Real World Affiliate Profits

Real World Affiliate Profits Will Help You...
- Find Your Profit Margins So You Can
- Finally Make Money Online!
- Understand How To Sell Real World Products!
- Use Amazon and Commission Junction's Affiliate Programs Effectively!
- Understand Which Is Better For You -    Leads or Sales!
- Drive Specific Traffic To Your Sales Site!
- Guarantee Your Sales Will Stick!

$27 Value

Product #4: ClickBank Affiliate Page Generator

Create Powerful Dynamic Affiliate Pages For Your ClickBank Products In Less Than 2 Minutes And Give Your Affiliates Instant Promotion Tools.
See Sales Page

Product #5: ClickBank Store In A Box

Want Your Own Instant Clickbank Store?

Have you got a spare domain sitting around and wondered what to do with it. Or maybe your just starting out and have nothing to sell right now or perhaps your looking for a new quick project to generate a few extra dollars. Why not spend 20 minutes and get a new website up and running.

$27 Value

Product #6: 7 Ways To Hidden Affilidate Profits

BRAND NEW! Learn How To Effectively Market Affiliate Products!
Create Your Own Sales Funnel!
Develop A Plan For Residual Income!
Discover The Diamonds In The Rough!
Mine For The Right Keywords To Build Your Business On!
Utilize Web 2.0 Techniques For Your Benefit!

$27 Value

Product #7: Easy Affiliate Recruting

BRAND NEW! Who Wants a Hungy Pack of Affiliates Selling YOUR Products and Services FOR You 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week?

Here's How You Can Get Tens Of Thousands Of Visitors That Want To Buy Your Product Without Spending A Cent On Advertising!

$27 Value

Product #8: Affiliate Rescue


These Excellent Guide Will Teach You:
1. How To Make Money With Affiliate Programs

$27 Value

Product #9: Clickbank Lock PRO

A fully automated Download System for ClickBank Merchants

Your automated Thank-You Page Script will handle everything for you! 

$27 Value

Product #10: High Conversion Affiliate

How to convert 10% of your traffic into buyers...

$27 Value

Product #11: Affiliate Post Card Generator

A Little-Known Revolutionary Secret That Will Allow You To Finally Earn Hugh Affiliate Commissions With Audio-Video Postcards!

Create as many HTML Audio-Video postcards as you want

Insert and HIDE Your Affiliate Links!

Add video to your Online postcards

Add audio to your Email and Online postcards

Insert Your website URL

Insert Your picture

In less than 5 minutes, You can send out Audio - Video Affiliate digital postcards to Your customers/friends/family.!

$27 Value

Product #12: Clickbank Multi Item Manager

Manage Multiple Clickbank Products from a Single Clickbank Account.

$27 Value

Product #13: Affiliate Compass

Finally! A Simple And Complete Road Map To Long Term Affiliate Success…

“Discover The Simple, Proven And Effective Methods To Becoming A Successful Affiliate ... That Actually Work!”

$17 Value
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