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It's easy enough to see how this Adsense Power-Blogging Bundle can help you increase your online income - and of course the themes are designed for that... But what if you could resell the bundle, too? Even sell the Master Resell Rights? Well, YOU CAN if you purchase the Master Resell Rights to the bundle...

With Master Resell Rights, You CAN...

[YES] Can sell the bundle to end users.
[YES] Can sell resale rights.
[YES] Can sell master resale rights.
[YES] Can be added to paid membership sites.
[YES] Can be used to build sites to flip.
[YES] Can be used on unlimited domains.
[YES] Can be sold as a bundle.
[YES] Can be bundled with other paid products, 5 products MAX.
[YES] Can be sold separately.

But You CAN NOT...

[NO] Can give away for free in any format.
[NO] Can be added to a free membership site.
[NO] Can be sold by auction, dimesale or similar methods.
[NO] Can separate the themes and videos.
[NO] Can extract the graphics for use in other products.


With the Adsense Alive Theme Pack Master Resell Rights you get the full bundle for your own use and to resell, plus a copy of the salespage, order page and the two download pages - everything you need to start making sales now!

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