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Automatic Bonus Delivery

Wordpress Plugin

Simple. Clean. Works extremely well. A simple set and forget WP Plugin system that will automate your bonus delivery process 24/7. 

You'll make your customers happy with very prompt bonus delivery and you won't even need to check it again! Just let it run - that's it!!

  Set and forget system will automate yourbonus delivery process 24/7
  Checks clickbank account in real time to validate sales... HOT!
  Bonus expiration date option
  Instant redirect to bonus download page
  Sends email to both customer and affiliate
  Manages unlimited number of bonus packages
  Collects paypal email addresses... builds your list with buyers... HOT!

My Extreme Bargain Package #2:
Click and Call Pro Wordpress Plugin

It has never been easier to get people to call you from your website. No more lost opportunities because a client couldn’t find a pen or copy a number on your mobile site…

With Click & Call Pro, you can instantly install a button to any WordPress site that will have customers calling you to buy more stuff in just a single click!

  Install the plugin to your site to receive calls with ease
  Sell plugin to local business owners to get more business... HOT!
  Install the plugin on local business websites for a fee
 Add a voicemail number inside the plugin to capture sales leads
  Link the phone number to a call centre selling your products
  iPhone Tricks and APPs
  Plus Many More Exciting and Profit-Driven Strategies

My Extreme Bargain Package #3:
WP Login Pro Wordpress Plugin

"Finally! If Your Wordpress Install Supports Multiple Users, Surprise Them And Get a Lot of Buzz By Presenting Them With an Impressive and
Professionally Designed WP Login Page!"

 20 Custom Designed Wordpress Login Pages
  Changes Your Wordpress Login Pages In Less Than 5 Minutes... HOT!
  Professionally designed eye catching 3d cover box design, PSD sources
  Matching professionally designed sales letter minisite
  MRR So You Can Resell Ripping 100% Profits

My Extreme Bargain Package #4:
WP Show Me Wordpress Plugin

 Wordpress ShowMe Plugin that allows you to Add Your Content To
The End Of Every Blog Post On Complete Autopilot!

  Content is displayed in a borderless iframe on a white background
 Easy Two-Minute Install And Setup!
 Full Install and User Instruction Manual Included
 SPECIAL BONUS: Unlimited Domain License... Install On As Many Blogs As You Want... HOT!


My Extreme Bargain Package #5:
 Wordpress Plugin Secrets Video Tutorials

WP Plugin Secrets 10 Part video Course Reveals How to Use Free Wordpress Plugins That Will Help You Run Your Business Smoothly...And Make Both Your Prospects and the Search Engines Happy...Giving You Better Ranking, And Potential Prospects!!


  Video 1 - Introduction to the Must Have WP Plugins
  Video 2 - Search Engine Optimization
  Video 3 - User Friendly and Multimedia
  Video 4 – Social Media
  Video 5 – Statistics
  Video 6 – Communication and Privacy Policy
  Video 7 – Mobile Friendly
  Video 8 – E-Commerce and Content Security
  Video 9 – Website Protection
  Video 10 – Email and Autoresponders.. HOT!

My Extreme Bargain Package #6:
**BRAND NEW - Wordpress Halloween Themes

(3 Products)

BRAND NEW.  Here's One Package With 10 Blogging Resources And Tools... Everything You Will Ever Need To Immediatly Start Earning Money From Blogging


  3 WordPress Themes Tncluded
  3 Blogger Themes Tncluded
  3 HTML Themes Tncluded

You Also Get...

3 Amazing Products

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You gain Master Resell Rights, PLR or User Rights to the following 10 products so you can resell them and keep the 100% profits. All you have to do is upload everything to your server and you'll have 10 quality products to sell instantly.

Fast Action Bonus #1:
100 Top Wordpress Plugins - FRESH!!! - Rebrandable
 Master Resell Rights

(Value: $17)

"This 30-page ebook contains a compilation of 100 of the top Wordpress plugins in 13 different categories.

Product comes with a Squeezepage, a Keywords List & Affiliate Programs Spreadsheet!

Fast Action Bonus #2:
(NEW] Ipad2 Wordpress Theme

(Value: $17)

"This pre-built, cashflow web site is an are automated affiliate site. Once installed, you simply promote the site and your income is on auto-pilot! "

Fast Action Bonus #3:
(NEW] Blogging Wordpress Theme

(Value: $10)

"Learn how to eliminate faulty campaigns and skyrocket your income instantly, with proven strategies from affiliate marketing pros!"

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Value ($)

Automatic Bonus Delivery Wordpress Plugin
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WP Login Pro Wordpress Plugin
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WP Show Me Wordpress Plugin
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Click and Call WP Plugin
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Wordpress Plugin Secrets Video Tutorials
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3 Wordpress, Blogger, HTML Templates  $ 21
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