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  From: Russell Carter

Dear Fellow Marketer,

One of the best ways to make money on the internet is by having your own product that you
can sell to a well-defined target market hungry for it.

However, creating a product from scratch will take some time and effort to do. Time and effort
that you may not have or are unwilling to spend.

Writing an eBook, for example, can take weeks or months to complete.

You could pay ghost writers to write a book for you in your name based on your instructions.
Theyll do the research, writing and editing and hand the completed document over to you within a
few weeks or months.

 But this could cost thousands of dollars.

Here is the instant solution:  Buy Resell Rights or Private Label RightsTo A Digital Product.

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Master Resell Rights 

Facebook LikeList V1.2 
(Value: $17)

Facebook LikeList v1.2

"Facebook Marketing software “LikeList v1.2″ Comes with tips pdf, and instructions link"

Resell Rights 

Facebook iFrame Made EZ Plugin
(Value: $27)

Facebook iFrame Made EZ Plugin

"Use this wordpress plugin to generate the new Facebook iFrame Fanpages in just 5 minutes and skyrocket your Facebook marketing efforts!"

Resell Rights 

Wordpress Clickbank Membership Plugin
(Value: $27)

WP Clickbank Membership Plugin

"Discover How To Turn a Wordpress Blog into a Paid Members Site that Sells Itself In Less Than 15 Minutes With This Easy-to-Use Plugin!"

Resell Rights 

Secret Webinar Riches Video Tutorials
(Value: $47)

Super Webinar Riches Videos

"Secret Webinar Riches is a 1 hour 30 minutes 31 seconds video training course on how you can start your own webinar riches and get rich delivering high impact presentations from home - or anywhere you take your computer to - and earn a MASSIVE income working just 2 hours a day!"

Resell Rights 

Secret Consultant Riches Video Tutorials
(Value: $47)

Secret Consultant Riches Videos

"You are worth A LOT MORE than what you might yourself credit for. And how do I know that? Most self proclaimed Internet Gurus do a good job at dumbing other people down in a desperate attempt to sell their 'make money' course to honest, well meaning folks like you!"

Master Resell Rights

(New) Ewen Chia's Fast Track Cash
(Value: $47)

Fast Track Cash

"If you've been struggling like crazy to make money on the internet... Discover The Fastest Way To Get Real Cash From The Internet...Even If You've No Experience, Website Or Product! Includes Videos and eBook"

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Super Affiliate Commission Videos
(Value: $27)

Super Affiliate Commission Videos

"Stuff Money Into Your Pocket Starting Today... Using Easy But Little Known Methods That Require Nothing More Than 4 Hours A Day Of Your Time! NEW BREAKTHROUGH DISCOVERY Reveals Easy But Highly Profitable Methods To Ramp In Obscene Amounts Of Cash Into Your Bank Account... Without Having Your Own Product!
Includes Videos and eBook!"

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Amazing Super Affiliate
(Value: $27)

Amazing Super Affiliate

"Step By Step Guide Showing You One Of The Easiest And Most Effective Ways To Earn Online Today. Insider Guide Reveals How You Can Make Massive Profits From Amazon Quickly And Easily!...eBook and Audio Included!"

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(New) Web Branding DNA
(Value: $27)

Web Branding DNA

"Separate yourself from the chaff of competitors - and you can do this only by distinguishing yourself from the rest of the thousands of them. Unfortunately, many Internet Marketers - experts included - aren't aware of the power of branding (until this course came along, of course)!"

Resell Rights

(New) QR Code Easy
(Value: $17)

QR Code Easy

"QR Code Easy Is An Easy To Use Desktop Software To Create QR Codes On The Fly.

QR (Quick Response) Codes Are The "Maze Like" Images Smartphones Can Scan And Be Redirected To Virtually Anywhere YOU Chose - Latest Offline Marketing Craze In USA, AUS & UK While Japanese Consumers Have Embraced QR Codes Since 1999... 

Offline Marketers Are Cashing In HUGE Offering QR Codes For Use In Magazines, Front Door Shop Windows, On A-Posts, T-Shirts, Business Cards Etc.!"

Resell Rights 

3D Female Character Graphics
(Value: $17)

3D Female Characters

"Wanna Make Your Presentation More Appealing? Then! You Need 3D Female Character with Real, Transparent PNG, Vector Image and High Resolution with 3000 pixels x 3000 pixels!"

Resell Rights 

3D Man Character Graphics
(Value: $17)

3D Man Characters

"Wanna Make Your Presentation More Appealing? Then! You Need 3D Male Character with Real, Transparent PNG, Vector Image and High Resolution with 3000 pixels x 3000 pixels!"

Master Resell Rights 

Templates In A Box V2 Graphics
(Value: $27)

Templates In A box V2

"Who Else Wants Master Resale Rights To These Proffesionally Designed WP Themes, HTML And Blogger Templates That You Can Resell Yourself For Pure Profit? Why settle with the default templates when you can have an entire PRO package at your fingertips?"

Private Label Rights 

Turbo Graphics Package 
(Value: $27)

Turbo Graphics Package - PLR

"Nice collection of PLR graphics, also includes video tutorials. The Best Thing Is That - You Can Resell Them With PLR License!"

Resell Rights 

(New) Finding The Best Affiliate Products
(Value: $17)

Finding Best Affiliate Products

"Are You Tired Of Making Pennies From Your Blog? How About Converting Your Blog Into A Money Making Machine? You Have To Go Only As Far As Your Computer! You Can Make More Than $10,000 A Week! Find Out How. Learn some quick tips on finding the best affiliate product online and promoting it on your website!"

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