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Product #1:
(New) Online Legal Protection 
Private Label Rights

(Value: $27)

You Can End Up Facing A BIG Lawsuit By Simply Ignoring Small, But Very Important Tips...

How To Keep You And Your Internet Marketing Business Legally Protected Online.  

We All Need This If we Are Selling Products Online!

Product #2:
(New) 15,000 Articles
Private Label Rights

(Value: $27)

Monster PLR Article Package

15,000 Monster PLR Article Package.

Package Included: Minisite Graphics and Sales Page.

Worth More Than Cost Of Entire Extreme Bargain Package!

Product #3:
(New) Article Marketing
Master Resell Rights

(Value: $27)

ATTENTION: Use This Guide For The 15,000 Articles Above....

Discover How To Get Hordes of Free Traffic, Free Publicity and Increased Sales From Simple Articles

Here's An Essential Guide You Need To Take Advantage of This Powerful Free Source of Traffic and Build Quality Backlinks...

Product #4:
(New) Dog Breeding
Private Label Rights
(Value: $27)

Dog Breeding – The basics that You Need To Know

1) Knowing that you'll be a good breeder, and making sure that you are the one that is doing it right.
2) The Basics behind breeding. You will learn how to breed dogs, and you'll learn what you need to know about all of the steps of the breeding process. This is invaluable information that you cannot find anywhere else!

Product #5:
(New) Firesale Profits
Private Label Rights
(Value: $17)

Discover the Firesale Secrets You Need to Know to Generate MASSIVE Piles of Cash on the Internet in No Time!

Product #6:
(New) Business Branding
Private Label Rights
(Value: $27)


1) Free Branding Techniques
It is very common for companies to pay thousands of dollars for branding techniques that do not work - Now you can learn the best techniques you can use for your business that won’t cost you a dime.

2) Make the Media and Public Relations outlets work for you - The media is an excellent outlet to provide branding methods for your business. Learn the many ways you can use them to your benefit to create hype and generate customers.

Product #7:
(New) Super Fast Product Creation
Private Label Rights
(Value: $27)

If YOU really want control over your own destiny...you can get started by learning how to create and produce your own e-book using this guide. 

Together, let’s figure out what’s holding you back, what you need to finally get started, and figure out which tools and instructions are going to get your first e-book out there where you can start making some money with it!

Product #8:
(New) 48 Hr Affiliate Plan
Private Label Rights
(Value: $27)

 New Report Gives You A Step-By-Step Action Plan To Show You How To Create Your Own Money Making Website In Less That 48 hours!

Product #9:
(New) Quick Start Job Guide
Private Label Rights
(Value: $27)

 The Insiders Guide To Getting That Job!

Grab your copy and learn exactly how you can smash through every interview you ever participate in! 

Landing your dream job isn't as difficult as you may think when you know exactly how to mentally prepare for the on-the-spot question rounds that will show them exactly what you're made of! 

I will show you exactly how to craft the perfect resume and nail that interview, effortlessly! 

Unlock the secrets to guaranteed success with every job that you apply for and make MORE money with higher paying jobs than ever before!

Product #10:
(New) Get Paid To Play Golf
Private Label Rights
(Value: $27)

Attention Golfers: Do You Want To Get Paid To Play?
How To Make A Living Playing Golf With Amateurs!
Couldn't make the PGA Tour if your life depended on it?
Now it doesn't matter, you can still make a living playing golf. You don't have to be the best. You don't even have to win to get paid!

Product #11:
(New) Inventors Handbook
Private Label Rights
(Value: $27)

Attention Inventors! How To Cash In With Your Million Dollar Idea!

Are you so excited about your new million dollar idea you can't sleep?

Product #12:
(New) New Years Weight Loss Resolution
Private Label Rights
(Value: $27)

Are You Tired Of Failed New Year's Weight Loss Resolutions That Leave You Even More Overweight Than Ever Before? 

Not Anymore - Finally Succeed With Your New Years Weight Loss Resolution Once And For All And Get The Body Of Your Dreams In 2009

Product #13:
(New) Flock Video Tutorials
Private Label Rights
(Value: $27)

Learn how to install and use Flock®, one of the internets fastest growing web browsers.
Here is what you'll learn:

Video #1 - Installing Flock Onto Your Computer
Video #2 - Quick Start Guide to Using Flock and All of Its Features

Product #14:
(New) 25 Skiing PLR Articles
Private Label Rights
(Value: $27)

25 Skiing Vacation Articles with Private Label Rights.

- A Fantastic Skiing Vacation without Breaking the Bank
- An Unforgettable Skiing Vacation
- Celebrating Your Christmas Vacation on Skis
- Choosing the Best Rentals for s Skiing Vacation
and more.......

Product #15:
(New) Space Invaders
Private Label Rights
(Value: $27)

Finally someone reveals online moneymaking techniques that get you into profit from day one...
Introducing The Cut-Throat Moneymaking Manual That mySpace Tried To Ban...
The Techniques & Strategies I Reveal In This Guide Are So Effective That Myspace Tried To Ban Me From Revealing Them To The Public!

Product #16:
(New) Kids Birthday Parties
Private Label Rights
(Value: $27)

The Complete Guide to Kids Birthday Parties.
1) Stay on track! - Included is a great time lined checklist telling you exactly when is the best time to send out invitations, order the cake or bake it, buy décor online, set up games, best party times, and much more.
2) Not forgetting anything! - Also included is a BEST Birthday Party Ever shopping list that will ensure if followed, that come the day of the big event nothing will have been overlooked.

Fast Action Bonus Product #1:
(New) Private Label Riches
Private Label Rights
(Value: $17)

Discover How You Can ESTABLISH And EXPAND Your Online Empire And Dominate Your Competitors... Using Private Label Content!

Fast Action Bonus Product #2:
(New) Private Label Right For Newbies Videos

Master Resell Rights 
(Value: $17)

Videos Show How You Can PROFIT From Private Label Rights  Products Even If You Are A Newbie!

Fast Action Bonus Product #3:
(New) Private Label Right/Resell Rights Toolkit

Master Resell Rights 
(Value: $17)

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