Here's My First $1.97 Extreme Bargain 

Of 2009... Master Resale Rights To 10

Incredible Software Products"

From the desk of: Russell Carter
January 2,  2009 7:43:42 AM

Dear Fellow Marketer,

The $1.97 Extreme Bargain is back! And it's my last one of 2008.


Everything comes with Master Resell Rights so that you can either sell these products as a package or seperately if you wish.  

Take advantage of this MEGA package TODAY!

Or you can pass this opportunity up and buy each product later
one by one... for $7 each. The choice is yours

O.K., Here's What You Get When Your Order TODAY!

(New)  URL Fuse Lite

Master Resell Rights
(Value: $7)

"Quicker and easier URL redirection .

Tidy up and hides affiliate links

Totally viral-No registration required. Multiple URLs shortening

Intercept every single shortened links with a loader page showing your messages. (Optional)
Absolutely NO MYSQL configuration required!
Easy 5 Minute installation

(New) Zoom Stats

Master Resell Rights
(Value: $17)

"Discover Which Day and What Time Your Site Receives The Most Hits.

Know Exactly Where The Hits Come From

Take Advantage Of What Keywords Your Visitors Use To Find Your Website

Helps You Determine Which Days Or Weeks In A Year That's Best For You To Have More Offers

Save On Advertising Dollars By Focusing More On The Things That Works For Your Website

(New) Interstitial Links Manager
Master Resell Rights

(Value: $17)

"Control how long each offer last.

Set the sequence of your offers

Allows your visitors to pause/repeat or skip offers

Full page transitional offers before they download

Use it as a link cloaker

Manage your links efficiently

Have unlimited offers per campaign"

(New) Smart Window Maker

Master Resell Rights
(Value: $17)

"Creates Pop Up Windows That Doesn't Suck!

No more tiresome links leaving a trail of new windows only to make your visitors swear at you.
Display websites and images professionally.
Either you're a newbie or a seasoned pro, after viewing what Smart Window Blocker can do for you, you just simply can't deny, that it'll make your links look fresh!

Supports all major browsers

Absolutely no MySQL configuration required!

(New) Form Filla

Master Resell Rights
(Value: $17)

"Spambot protection
Have no worries about spambots spamming your database!
File uploader
Allow your customers, prospects, visitors to upload files (any files) to your server and you can easily review it later!

Multiple forms with one single installation
All forms easily stored on one centralized FormFiLLa location!

Absolutely no MySQL configuration required!"

(New)  CMS Pal
Master Resell Rights

(Value: $17)

"The CMSPal System takes advantage of every tool available today to help build your website traffic in record time, not to mention that you will be building web pages for your site faster than you ever thought possible.
Maybe you're a freebird, and you just want to build your own website with the added simplicity and ease of use with a powerful, turnkey CMS (content management solution).

Again, you need not look any further than the CMSPal System for building your search engine friendly websites!"

(New) Link-ish Link Manager 
Master Resell Rights

(Value: $17)

"To manage all of your affiliate links across all of your domains from one easy to manage control panel!
To name your links anything you desire - But here’s the catch: The files and folders are never created, but the links still work to protect you from hijackers

To manage all of your links on any domain you want!"

(New) Easy CB Store In A Box
Master Resell Rights

(Value: $17)

"Instantly creates a directory of every single product sold on ClickBank.com's marketplace.

It takes the latest ClickBank XML file (so that your directory stays fresh with the latest products) and imports it into it's database.

Allows you to have fast categorization and searching

Embeds your ClickBank affiliate ID to each and every one of the links to the products!

SEO friendly as it uses mod_redirect and appears as if it's completely static!"


(New) Keyword Link Tracker
Master Resell Rights

(Value: $17)

"Find out which keywords finally lead to the sale and don't rely on keywords that bring just maximum clicks. Weed out those 'tire kickers' and leave 'em for your competition.
Works with almost every major affiliate network (like Clickbank, CJ, Linkshare) and third party affiliate scripts that support adding a tracking id.

Allows dynamic insertion of keyword and tracking id on your landing pages... Automation? It's covered!

Covers both methods - Direct Linking and Landing Pages."

(New) Opt - In Revolver
Master Resell Rights

(Value: $17)

"Help you focus on bringing in prospects, knowing that that the optimal opt-in page awaits.
Completely automates the split-testing process, providing you with easy to understand results in real time.
Helps eliminate your conversion leak (the number of people who SEE your opt-in page but never actually OPT-IN).
Increases your income AND minimizes your advertising expenses!"


So How Much Does This Cost?!

Now, if I said I was going to charge $27 for this whole package, this would still be a steal because one MEGA package alone cost more than that if you sold the products seperately.

But I am NOT going to charge you anywhere near that because won't even think of charging that price because you are going to get My Extreme Bargain  at a price we all can afford.

Because it's not going to cost you anywhere near that!

Alright, It's NOT even $47... even though it's worth 5 times that amount.

At $37, this Extreme Bargain would be absolute steal and you are 
NOT going to pay that amount!.

But you are NOT even going to pay $27 for Extreme Bargain.

You get everything you see on this page for ONLY:





          'What's The Catch?

I can only kept this package at this price for the next 48 hours and then the price goes up...

'So, What Are You Waiting For!'

Stop procrastinating and click on the order button now before your competitors beat you to this. 

This is still a GREAT deal even if you already have one or two of these products. 

Every minute you delay could amount to tens of dollars of potential lost sales!

Your profitable online business starts now! Hurry and order now!

YES Russell! - I Want to Secure My Copy of the "Extreme Bargain 28" Package Right NOW!
I am taking you up on your incredible offer today at the price of only $1.97 and will receive the 11 incredible MRR software products.
I understand that after I buy this I will have instant access to my Downoads immediately for just a small measly investment of $27.00...



To your success,
Russell Carter

P.S.  I am only keeping this at this price until Saturday at 12am. Then I reserve the right to change the price to $9.97 (still a great deal). So take advantage of this limited opportunity TODAY!  ORDER  EXTREEME BARGAIN 28 HERE

Our Guarantee/Refund Policy

Sorry folks, if you need a guarantee for an offer like this you better just hit the back button in your browser right now!

Your getting nearly 10 times the value of these products for the price we are blowing this package out at. You get all the products, graphics, sales letters, resources and rights for a measly fraction of the package's value.

Even if there is one product you do not like, or you already have, that will not qualify you for a refund, as you are getting extreme value for your investment here...

This is a take it or leave it offer - if you're not too embarrassed to ask for a refund on an offer like this, then we're not too embarrassed to tell you there are no refunds.

Sorry to have to be so blunt but there are always one or two people that like to take advantage of an offer like this and then 2 minutes after they get it all downloaded ask for a refund.

While I know this is not how you are, we just feel that on an offer this good we don't need to offer a guarantee.

Once you click the buy button, that's it, you own it! No Refunds! Please DO NOT ORDER unless you are 100% sure you understand this...


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